Commercial Service Commitments

  • Available 24 Hours a day / Seven days a week
  • Free Callback services between regularly scheduled visits
  • Treatment records provided on every service
  • Site log to track pest activity and report sightings
  • Service manual provided to file service records / store Label & MSDS sheets
  • Licensed and Insured — certificates of insurance provided upon request
  • Receive “best practice” recommendations to improve health inspection scores

Our Integrated Pest Prevention Process

Unwanted Pests?

Running a business in Arizona means you understand that unwanted pests give the wrong impression to your customers and employees. They are the cause of many harmful diseases, allergies and a sense of worry. Though most pests live outside, they are determined to invade your business, finding vulnerable entry points in which to enter. They belong outside, and we have proven methods to keep them out!

The Solution

Rigo’s Integrated Pest Prevention process is an environmentally safe service philosophy that incorporates over 25 years of industry expertise. Our pest control program emphasizes 3 phases of service in order to eliminate infestations and prevent the entry of unwanted pests.

Exterior Service

On every visit, a continuous residual barrier is established around the entire foundation. All entry points, such as doors, windows, eaves, lights, wires, and plumbing are treated. Long lasting granular baits and silica granules are generously applied into shrubs and rock-beds. Additional pest harborages are identified and treated in adjacent landscaping, patio furniture, block walls, decorative brick and rock, trash collection and common areas. Spider webs are knocked down in entry ways and around the structure in order to reduce potential harm, provide a clean appearance and to assist in our monitoring process.

Interior Inspection & Treatment

A thorough inspection is provided on the initial service, to identify pest activity. Your business is then set up for long term control with the strategic placement of non-odor, long lasting baits and dusts to cracks, crevices and hollow voids. Once our materials are in place, they will last indefinitely within these out-of-the way places. There are NO liquid pesticides or aerosols applied inside. Live pests and their hiding places are sought out and treated with purpose and with care. After the initial treatment, inside service is provided on an as needed basis or can be requested on every service. The interiors of food handling establishments are inspected and treated upon every service.

Monitoring With Free Callbacks

Non-toxic glue traps, known as “Monitoring Stations” are neatly folded and inconspicuously positioned throughout the interior. These sticky traps are perfect for capturing invading insects in their tracks, while monitoring pest activity between regularly scheduled visits. Monitoring Stations are re-placed as needed during regularly scheduled visits. Rigo Pest provides unlimited FREE re-treatments, known as “callback” services, in the event any are required to provide relief from invading pests.