Pest Prevention Solutions


Bees and Wasps

Rigo Pest Prevention will respond to your Bee or Wasp call within 2 hours — ensuring the safe removal of swarms and hives the day of your call. Hives that live in the hollow voids of structures are treated and sealed up permanently. Rigo Pest primarily uses soapy water and diatomaceous earth as the primary non-toxic materials. The Rigo Pest Bee service also includes the use of “clean up” traps which are used to capture remaining rogue bees and wasps, after the initial treatment is done. All bee and wasp treatments come with our re-treatment service guarantee.

Scorpion Control

Scorpion harborages are thoroughly treated using materials proven to effectively control scorpions. Structures can be sealed to prevent entry. Evening black-light inspection services are available.

General Pest and Ant Control

Let Rigo establish a continuous exterior barrier around the perimeter of your home or business, including ALL entry points. Detection and treatment of ant trails & mounds, along with other pest harborage. Strategic interior crack & crevice treatments with non-odor baits & dusts as needed. A complete web knockdown is provided with every service.

Pack Rats, Rodents and Wildlife

Rigo employs a comprehensive trapping & monitoring program to safely and effectively trap and remove unwanted rats, rodents, and other wildlife including

  • Pack Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Gophers
  • Skunks
  • Ringtail Cats

Rodents and Wildlife Cause Damage:

Rodents and other wildlife seek water, food, shelter, and nesting materials in and around your home or business. Unfortunately, as they are in search of these things, they may cause significant damage to your structure, chew on electrical wires and vulnerable water lines. They are known to carry harmful parasites like kissing bugs, ticks and other insects, and may leave these unwanted pests behind.

Poison baits are not the answer:

Experience has proven that the use of poison baits for pack rats is dangerous and ineffective. The use of rodent baits may lead to accidental poisoning of non-targeted wildlife, people or pets. Consider questions like; did the rat consume the poison bait or did some other unintended animal eat the poison instead? If the rat is dead where is it? Is the bait safely secured from pets or children? These questions lead to the fact that it is much safer and more humane to trap unwanted rats and wildlife, and safely remove them from your home or business.

Trapping Pack Rats and Wildlife is Safe and Effective:

The use of live traps ensures that only the specific targeted rodents are captured and removed. Traps are safely placed alongside rodent nests, or where they are known to travel for food and water. Traps are monitored daily to ensure the humane removal of captured rodents, while determining if further trapping is required. Once the rodents have been removed, cleaning of nesting sites and closing up of entry points can begin.

Mosquito and Fly Control

2 phase relief process: Knock down of adult population through the use of ultraviolet light traps plus material/biological controls as needed. Discovery of breeding sites to mitigate population growth.

Bird Control

Unique humane monitoring and deterrent process. Rigo minimizes health hazards and liability potential caused by nuisance birds by installing exclusion products that prevent birds from perching and nesting.

Rigo Pest Prevention specializes in the control and removal of pigeons, sparrows, and other wild birds. With state of the art, non injury causing products, Rigo Pest removes the landing, perching and nesting sites that birds prefer.

Integrated procedures are strategically executed to provide safe and permanent results.

  • Thorough evaluation period to determine corrective measures.
  • Careful sanitation and removal of harmful bird debris and fecal matter.
  • Installation of non-injury causing materials that prevent nesting and perching
  • Ongoing inspections of bird behavior including removal of nuisance birds.